The Aging Grid and America: My Take as an Electricity Broker

If you happen to look at the bookshelf in my library, you are likely to see works about men I find fascinating: Tesla, Einstein, Roosevelt and the like. But what … Continue Reading →

Experts Forecast Higher Electricity Rates Coming, Texzon Urges Business Customers to Do a Rate-Check

National Weather service’s prediction of a long hot summer and rising gas prices to blame. Texzon Utilities, a national energy management and procurement firm, is an independent and unbiased advocate to … Continue Reading →


Energy broker franchise is first of its kind

• Texzon is the first and only franchise opportunity of its kind in the U.S.A. • There are a limited number of franchises (20) available. go to to learn … Continue Reading →


RPP Enables Increased Renewable Generation

        The Ring Power Processor (RPP) is a breakthrough technology for the processing of electricity. To learn more go to  


Texas electricity rates likely to spike as demand outstrips supply

              Locking in a fixed supply rate is the best strategy for protecting your bottom line from unexpected price increases in the market – … Continue Reading →